Towards exploring Lossky’s philosophical personalism
Towards exploring Lossky’s philosophical personalism

Nhan Thi Duong – Natalia E. Sudakova – Irina S. Boitsova – Olga Gorbatenko – Nigina S. Babieva

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2021.14.03.18

A faithful proponent of the tradition of the ‘Silver Age’ of Russian philosophical tradition that elevates holistic knowledge, Nikolai Lossky became known worldwide for his unique emphasis on personality development. This article explores the concrete tenets of Lossky’s philosophical personalism as ‘spiritual personalism’ in which science, philosophy, and religion are craftily integrated into one complex vision of human personhood. The roots of Lossky’s philosophical personalism in the spiritual and ethical evolution of humankind, society, and nature are explored, along with their pastoral/therapeutic implications for our present society.

Key words: Nikolai Lossky, philosophical personalism, human personhood, spiritual personalism

Pages: 197-208

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