Basic philosophical ideas associated with the Sabbath
Basic philosophical ideas associated with the Sabbath

[Zakladni filosoficke ideje spojene se sabatem]

Marie Roubalova – Roman Kralik – Peter Kondrla – Patrik Maturkanic –Yulia Biryukova – Mukhan Issakhan

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2021.14.03.11

The basic ideas of Judaism are present throughout the year during important Jewish holidays. However, some of these festive motives repeat much more often - even every seven days on the Sabbath holiday. Shabbat integrates a theological, historical and educational dimension. Shabbat is also a fundamental expression of the philosophical principles of Jewish culture, which became the basis for European civilization. The celebration of this holiday is a reminder of the history of salvation, of covenant and commitment, but also of the joy that comes from God as a chosen one. The most important motives that appear in the celebration of the Sabbath and to which we pay attention are: creation (Rash Hashana), deliverance (Passau), covenants with God (Shavuot), upbringing and education of people who live near their God (Sukot) with an emphasis on social justice, peace and life.

Key words: Shabbat, creation, covenant, upbringing, peace, justice

Pages: 115-126

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