Value Education in the Context of International Integration

Preface: Value Education in the Context of International Integration 
Truong Ngoc Nam 

Tran Hai Minh 

Part I. Theory of Values and Value Systems 
1. Sustainable Values in the Heritage of Hồ Chí Minh’s Thought 
Hoang Chi Bao 

2. The Middle Kingdom on the High Seas: Value Crisis in Modern Chinese Society 
Cornelia Bogen & Bo Meinertsen 

3. Social Responsibility as a Value 
Nguyen Tai Dong

4. Ethics and Social Consequences: A Model of Moral Education 
Vasil Gluchman 

5. Vietnam’s Value System in the Period of Industrialization, 
Modernization and International Integration 
Luong Dinh Hai 

6. Globalization and National Cultural Values 
Do Minh Hop 

7. Theories of Value and Changes in the Process of Vietnam’s International Integration 
Nguyen The Kiet & Hoang Anh 

8. Conflicts in Building Vietnamese Value Systems Today 
Tran Sy Phan 

9. Value Systems and Human Development 
Tran Tuan Phong 

10. Some Issues in the Vietnamese Value System 
Ho Si Quy 

11. The Yiologic-Systematic-Typological Method: Value Research 
and Education in the Context of Global Integration 
Tran Ngoc Them 

12. The Value of Buddhist Morality and the Four Noble Truths: 
Education, Personality and Integration 
Hoàng Thi Tho 

13. The Selection of Values in Vietnam Today
Nguyen Dinh Tuong 
Part II. The Role of Communication in Value Education 

14. Value Education in the Context of Integration: Some Methodological Issues 
Bui Kim Dinh 

15. The Role of Mass Media in Value Education in the Context of Global Integration 
Nguyen Thuy Ha 

16. Value Education for the Younger Generation in Journalism 
Do Thi Thu Hang 

17. Education for Social Justice in Vietnam 
Bui Thi Kim Hau 

18. Education for Vietnamese Patriotism in the Context of Integration
Tran Hai Minh 

19. The Role of Mass Communication in Value Education in Vietnam 
Nguyen Thi To Quyen 

20. Value Education for Rule of Law in a Legitimate Vietamese Socialist State 
Luu Ngoc To Tam 

Part III. Experiences of Value Education in Vietnam and the World 
21. Education in the National Tradition for the Vietnamese Young Generation 
Tran Thi Anh Dao 

22. Preservation of National Values for the Development of Vietnam Today 
Bui Thi Thanh Huong 

23. The Value of the Protestant Ethic and Its Role in Capitalism: Max Weber’s Conception 
Nguyen Duc Luan 

24. The Role of School Education in Value Formulation in the Context of Globalization 
Nguyen Xuan Phong 

25. Religion and Education in Contemporary Russia: Tasks and Problems 
Sergey Nizhnikov 

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